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School located in Hanzghou, Binjiang, nice and comfortble place
with good enviroment, piano, guitar, drum and vocal classroom well-equipped
All our classroom independent and has a good sound insulation

Sands Artem Shabalov | Founder

I'm from Switzerland, my mother is a Belarusian, I speak many languages. He came to China in 2012 and studied Chinese and marketing at East China Normal University. I am familiar with Chinese culture and have my own unique interest in music, especially classical music. I am also the exclusive contract model of esee British Culture, the largest professional Chinese and foreign model agency in China. Our team can be said to be a blend of Chinese and Western: The founder is a young entrepreneur who has been in China for many years. He has rich experience in the management of music schools and founded two music schools: STARCLE and STAGE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY successively in Shanghai.
- STARCLE Conservatory of Music: Founded in 2013, is located in Shanghai's foreigners Street, Hongqiao District, currently has nearly 200 students.
- STAGE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY: Established in 2016, STAGE PERFORMANCE ACADEMY is located at Hongqiao Tianjie Shopping Mall in Minhang District, Shanghai, dedicated to enhancing children's musical performances.

We have a team of foreign teachers who provide a fun environment for kids to enjoy music lessons.

In Stage Music Academy, every teacher is not only a teacher, but also a musician. We teach children how to play musical instruments and help them create their own music and perform on the big stage.

Popular English song vocal teacher

Sasha / Sasha

Born in Kherson, Ukraine. 18 years ago from college began singing. He is extremely talented and taught himself to write songs and arrange songs. Once participated in the [good sound] in Moscow, and singer instructor to learn together, learned a lot of professional experience.
In general, he learns new musical knowledge everyday and shares it with others. His experience in Ukraine is even more extensive, all over Ukraine, in various music competitions of all sizes.
Why did you choose to sing?
"Music is both free and music has no limits." Music is not only a word, but music is the sharing of emotions and the power of life. To talk to oneself, call on others, share emotions, feel the moment, and I want to share with everyone Happy from it. "Classical piano teacher

Vocal vocal teacher

Natalia / Natalia

From 1999 to 2009, as a ten-year lead singer at the Odessa National Song and Dance Theater in Ukraine. Teaching vocal music in China after 2013, with rich teaching experience and strong sense of responsibility, will use the Chinese expression of musical terms. Representative works: Verdi's "Troubadour", George Bic's "Mikael"; Tchaikovsky's "Tatiana; Yevgeny Onegin"; Leonconi's "
Neda " 1999 graduated from Odessa Nizhnekonanwa State Conservatory of Music, vocal professional master's degree.
From 2002 to 2012, he was a senior teacher at the Odessa Tongkovich School of Music.
From 2013 to 2015, she was a vocal teacher at the Liu Shikun Piano School in Foshan.
Performed around the world: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany. Has a large number of musical works and opera songs. And good at using Italian, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, English, Chinese singing.

Andrey / Andre easy

Andre easy

MICHIGE (Born in Crimea, Ukraine on June 14, 1989) Graduated from Kharkov Music Secondary School, Ukraine in 2007; enrolled in the National Arts University of Kharkiv, Ukraine, in the same year, studied under the direction of the National Art University of Kharkiv, president, meritorious artists, educators, doctoral tutor Professor Weierjinna undergraduate, master's, and doctoral all first-year courses
Andre made a lot of excellent results in international competitions: the third "general Krakow Aliyev International Competition
Winner of International Music Competition 2002-2007 "Visiting Aivazovsky" 2002-2007
2004-2007 First International Music Festival of Ukraine in Belgorod, Belgrade, Russia; Odessa, Poltava, Ukraine, etc. Hold a concert
2010-2012 Poland, Germany, Hungary International Music Festival Spain "Madrid occupation" International Music Competition ...

VIP jazz piano teacher

VIP Jazz piano teacher
Mario / Mario

American jazz pianist --- Mario Cavallo has performed with a number of outstanding singers; he is not only a good singer and pianist, but also an excellent stage and film actress and radio host. He is always full of vitality, the New York Times reporter Doris said in a report: "Mario Cavallo is a global singer, he will lead you to the depths of the soul." "Mario Cavallo The most vivid Jazz masters I've ever heard
Mario Cavallo was born and raised in Pennsylvania, USA, and got a little musical enlightenment at the age of seven, when his father asked him to sit in front of the piano and say " Play it! Since then, Mario Cavallo began his career as an actress.Mario Cavallo said that he played the piano is different from the general piano, is a jazz piano, strong sense of rhythm, humor, lively, will So that the audience can not help but rock with the song up, more suitable for the public taste, with strong interactivity ...

Mexican electronic drum teacher


Aldebaran Quino Gutierrez is a Mexican musician holding a bachelor's degree in contemporary music. Latin American music background let him have a unique view of music.
"As a drummer, I have participated in numerous drum seminars and major drum music festivals such as Sabina Day, the Mexican Percussion Festival, etc."
He is also involved in music production and has recorded two recordings with the Mexican band "Vigogabelah" The University of León has recorded recordings of various styles of drums such as jazz, rock, Latin, SKA, Reggaeton R & B and Mexican style.
In China he has been participating in various concerts and major music events with other musicians from all over the world

American drum teacher


Dedrick Kline was born and raised in the United States, studied drums at the age of 8, and started formal music learning at the age of 12. During high school and college, he worked as a band drummer in orchestras, orchestras, jazz bands and procession bands in various regional music competitions.
Organized a variety of genres outside the school band, from reggae to metal jazz. Shortly after his arrival in China, he started his percussion career in Suzhou and accompanied a local vocal rock band. He recently came to Hangzhou to join the local music scene.

Oral English teacher


Vitaliia Nikontas. Born on the 08th of March 1994 in western Ukraine. At 8 years old moved to Kiev. Dancing from childhood and insisted to 18 years old, won the Ukrainian street dance champion, also have the honor and popular singer and singer on the same stage dance.
She studied at the National Language University in Kiev in 2011 and is a teacher in the area of ​​children's social and psychological rehabilitation in Kyiv School of Education.
2013-2014 Performance with American director in English school.
In 2015 graduated from English teaching major, and obtained a bachelor's degree. In the same year, she studied in China, studied Chinese at Tianjin Foreign Studies University, and taught English at a language school.
Back to Ukraine in 2016, working as a manager at a U.S.-based Ukrainian company.
He came to Hangzhou in 2017 and studied Chinese at Zhejiang University of Technology, teaching English at high school so far. I like English because it helps us to travel, learn new cultures and make friends with the world.

British guitar teacher


2016 - 2017 China Danforth Experimental Primary School, Music Teacher
2010 - 2016 Podgorica Music and Ballet 'Vasa Pavić' High School, a modern musicologist. Main Professors: Bass Guitar, Composer, Study Band, Improvisation
2015 - 2016 Podgorica Cultural Center, Guitar and Bassist
2011 - 2016 Montenegro Audiophilia Music Studio, Music Producer
2009 Elmag Radio Producer Participated in four albums sold, songwriter is a lot of bands and music studio Queen bass guitarist

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@ Dara

my daughter like to learing sing with sasha teacher, she has learned 2 English songs.

@ Kong

After 20 lessons, i could sing more pop songs.


I'am very happy to teach singing, with a lot of people,who like music, sing together;

In Stage Music Academy, every teacher is not only a teacher, and also a musician. They teach children how to play musical instruments and help them create their own musical style.